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 For over 40 years, Professional Breeders® has had a leading role in establishing, developing, and the commercial breeding of many popular reptile species in the industry today.

We purposely remain focused on a limited number of specialized breeding programs, selecting species with excellent keeping qualities and outstanding long-term commercial breeding possibilities. We have had many rewarding experiences in developing the varieties we now offer because of their extremely unique appearances, “natural” domestic behavior, and inherent genetic flexibility.

The popularity of these varieties continues to expand because of their distinctive traits and the progressive quality improvements accomplished through selective breeding. The combination of our in-depth knowledge of these species, focused breeding programs, and experience in the domestic selective breeding process enables us to continually produce and offer some of the highest quality and unique offspring available.

In addition to our goal of producing offspring that will meet or exceed your expectations for quality, we strive to provide complete service for the successful raising of your acquired stock.

Many individuals are relatively new in keeping and breeding reptiles. We have found that the decisions made during the first few years in choosing species and the selection of an appropriate set-up can be critical.

We would like to offer our experience to you to help simplify and uncomplicate this decision making process. We encourage you to call prior to or after acquiring offspring if you have any questions concerning initial species selection, caging systems, environmental considerations, establishing a food supply, general husbandry, or growth performance standards. Whether you are seeking to establish a high quality commercial breeding colony or looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your collection, we would like to be of assistance to you. We would also enjoy hearing from you about the progress of your newly acquired stock.

Our residence and breeding facilities are located in the North Flathead Valley just west of Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana.