For over 40 years, Professional Breeders® has had a leading role in establishing, developing, and the commercial breeding of many popular reptile species in the industry today.



From an early age passion for collecting, keeping, and breeding reptiles living in Southern California; to field expeditions throughout the American Southwest, Mexico and Ecuador; along with undergraduate and graduate work in Zoology and Herpetology leading to a brief career in the zoo field; and a core focus on operating our commercial reptile breeding business for over 40 years, studying and working with reptiles has literally been the adventure of a lifetime. The ideas and ambitions of those early years have been so greatly exceeded.  We are grateful for all of it.

Steve Osborne


Through selective breeding approaching four decades now, we continue to develop and refine color and pattern traits for the two subspecies of Gila Monsters, with many highly unique results.  We are also focused on producing two Ball Python genetic trait combinations and multiple traits for the Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnakes.



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