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Lichanura trivirgata

Juvenile and newborn Albino Coastal Rosy Boas


ALBINO COASTAL ROSY BOAS - Perfect albino coloration, overall great performing and keeping characteristics, this pure Coastal Rosy albino is perhaps the single best gene trait discovery for herpetoculture of a native U.S. snake species. This newly developed albino strain originates from a single juvenile albino male found in 1993 near Vail Lake in the southern Temecula Valley, Riverside County, California. Coastal Rosy Boas from this area reach the longest length and widest body diameter of any Rosy Boa population, attaining a giant size (for a rosy) of at least 4 feet in length. Outbreeding to pure Coastal Rosys from nearby Winchester, California has been accomplished and albino offspring are available for the first time in 1998.

SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAIN ROSY BOAS- A beautiful, and until recently, virtually unknown Coastal Rosy Boa. This variety has greatly reduced black pigmentation and extensive orange speckling on the dorsal and ventral surfaces. The quality of orange color in selectively bred third and fourth generation specimens is the most brilliant orange coloration of any known rosy boa. This rosy has the typical robust head and body of a coastal boa. Full grown adults can exceed 42 inches in length. Because of the characteristics of size, shape, extremes of color, and typical rosy docile behavior, a special appreciation and interest in the San Gabriel Mtn. Rosys has rapidly evolved. The colony has been care-fully developed and refined from the best San Gabriel Mountain founder stock. The rare original stock is from Mt. Baldy and near Crystal Lake on the coastal side of the eastern San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California.

CENTRAL BAJA ROSY BOAS - A lovely color pattern of well defined brick-orange and yellow shaded gray stripes. All offspring are produced from genetically diverse prime selected stock originating from the few known specimens collected in the San Mateas Mountains, near the town of San Felipe, Baja, California. In comparison to other myriolepis localities, the San Felipe boas are characterized by brighter orange and light-er gray stripes, wider orange side stripes in relation to the center dorsal orange stripe, and very straight edging along the longitudinal stripes.


Right: Central Baja Rosy Boa, Lichanura t. myriolepis, San Mateas Mountains lineage

Below: San Gabriel Mountain Rosy Boa, Lichanura t. roseofusca. High quality orange color version of Mt. Baldy lineage


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