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Albino & Piebald Ball Pythons
Python regius
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Top: Brilliant yellow-orange juvenile female albino produced in 1997









Ball Pythons were originally named and are still referred to in most of the world as “Royal Pythons”, an appropriate title derived from the translation of the latin name (regius = royal) and owing to the regal appearance of their naturally occurring colors and patterns. Ball Pythons have now attained “royal” status in the herpetoculture industry as a result of several rare recessive gene traits with spectacular coloration. The combination of these genetic traits and the Ball Python’s inherent gentle nature, favorable size, and long term commercial stability due to relatively small clutch sizes has elevated these rare color morphs into a class by themselves for python breeding.

The albinos in our colony display a beautiful yellow or yellow-orange pattern in high contrast to interwoven bright white interspaces. Outstanding heterozygous albino hatchlings, including yellow-gold color versions with elaborate patterning, are available from multiple outbred high yellow-gold maternal bloodlines. We are also breeding the albino gene (male) with jungle, ghost or full gold stripe genetic traits (females) to produce double heterozygous albino x jungle, ghost or gold striped hatchlings. We were successful in producing the first double heterozygous albino x jungle hatchlings in 1997.

We are working with the piebald Ball Python trait derived from the only proven simple recessive genetic lineage of piebalds. The percentage of white in this lineage has ranged from 60% to 90% of the total body color. Heterozygous piebald (piebald bred to normal) and 50% possible heterozygous piebald (heterozygous piebald bred to normal) will be available beginning this year in limited numbers. The albino and piebald traits, combined with the magnitude of genetic pattern and color flexibility in Ball Pythons, provides tremendous possibilities for developing incredible albino and piebald variations. We have great expectations for the future in developing and offering new extremes and are looking forward to the pure joy of hatching these beauties.


Double heterozygous albino X jungle Ball Python - produced from the high yellow male pictured below to a jungle phase female


Full gold striped pattern morph



Below: An example of an intensified yellow albino with high contrasting white coloration. This adult male has produced over 100 heterozygous offspring for us in 4 years.



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Whitefish, Montana
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